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Pass Conditions : December 23, 2014

Latest road conditions will be listed below the web-cam views.
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Fairly reliable sources of the current official status of many passes can be found below.
All Alps ÖAMTC (in German)
NOTE:"Wintersperre" or "sperre" means "closed"
Switzerland: www.swissinfo.orgSwiss Info
scroll down to "PÄSSE". Gesperrt=closed; Schnee=snowcovered; Frei=open.

www.SWISSTXT.ch(Swiss Teletext)
France: Bison-Fute(in French) Pass status search by name or Departement
InfoTrafic(in French) Pass status
Italy: Passes in the Bormio region: www.bormioonline.com
mountain weather: www.METEOLIVE.it (in Italian)

Some Webcam views:

In the meantime, just in case you were thinking of a quick trip to the Alps at the moment...
here is what the Stelvio looks like at the top:
Andermatt, Switzerland
from the Hotel Metropol
near the centre:
Grossglockner, Austria:
For a short list of live mountain-based WebCams in the Alps go to my WebCam/Weather links page.

Due to technical problems I have had to close the pass status service below. I will get it back as soon as possible. [Tim 22.06.2011]

Pass Conditions as of December 23, 2014
NOTE: Between mid-October and mid-May, even the passes that say they're open may be open only for cars and you may not be able to get a bike over it, especially if the pass is a high one.
Most passes are generally open by late June.
Austria Switzerland Italy France
Passes Open
Passes Closed

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