T595/955i Daytona/Speed Triple

Rear Wheel Removal

The single-sided swinging arm makes rear wheel removal a doddle on the T5 bikes. Despite this, there have been a fair number of inquiries on the T5 lists on the correct sequence. Especially from people who want to make sure the workshop or tyre warehouse grease-monkeys do it right.
I have broken down the procedure into a few easy steps, reassembly is simply the same in reverse.


You will need:
photo of tools needed ideally you'd also have:

Loosen rear wheel nut

photo-rear axle nut

Remove exhaust

photo-exhaust joint springs photo-exhaust hanger bolt

Set bike on stand

photo-rear-end on stand Easy one, this.

(remove hugger)

You may be able to get away without removing the hugger - if you have one fitted
Don't forget it'll be a tighter fit if you replace the wheel with a new tyre on it.

Remove wheel

photo - axle nut photo-spacers photo-wheel removed
Bob's your uncle.

Assembly is the reverse procedure.

Bolt Torque
Footrest to exhaust 15Nm (~13ft/lbs)
Axle nut 146Nm (~108ft/lbs)