What to Look For in the Best Hard Shell Motorcycle Backpack?

You don’t have to be a hardened biker to appreciate the concept of having the best hard shell motorcycle backpack. We came up with some unique questions for you to ask yourself. Why are there so many different types of motorcycle backpacks? What do they all have to offer?

When buying a hard shell motorcycle backpack, it is important to consider the brand or manufacturer, the material, and the price of the backpack. It is also practical to check the shape and the size of the backpack, as well as the ability to load and pack the bag.

Asking the right questions when buying a motorcycle backpack will help you avoid making a poor purchase decision. For example, what is the difference between the highest-rated models and the average ones? Do the differences really make a difference in how well your bike performs? Are the best hard shell motorcycle backpacks really that much better than their lesser-rated alternatives?

hard shell motorcycle backpack


Some of the best hard shell motorcycle backpack brands are Ogio, Kriega, Alpinestars, Point 65 and Timbuk2.

We need to compare each manufacturer’s products to see which ones are rated as high as they are. After we find out which manufacturers we like the most, we then need to compare their products side by side to see which ones do we prefer.


Now, since all of us have different budgets, it would be a bit difficult for us to buy a single hard shell motorcycle backpack that fits everyone’s budget. Before selecting you should prepare yourself a list, and choose based on that. Categorize the best hard-shell motorcycle backpacks that have been rated highly.

Since it is obvious that each of these products has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, prioritize what you really need. In this way, it will be much easier to choose a backpack for your motorcycle.


The best motorcycle backpacks are those that are made from long lasting, waterproof materials like heavy duty polyester, vinyl, or nylon, and that have reinforced gear straps and webbing for a more comfortable fit. In addition to having durable and long lasting materials, these backpacks should also be easy to clean. This means that it should have nylon or polyester lining, with zippers that can be easily and properly removed, and that it should have efficient and durable zipper pulls. All in all, you need to choose a motorcycle backpack that meets your criteria.

Nylon Backpacks

Nylon is a very common material used for making backpacks, because it is strong, lightweight and very comfortable to carry. However, nylon is not the best choice if you need a bag with a good water resistance. Dacron is also another common material used for making high quality hard shells. Dacron is light, but it’s most excellent feature is its superior water resistance.

Carbon Fiber Backpacks

Of all the materials used in making the best motorcycle backpacks, carbon fiber is still considered to be the most popular one. Although the price of carbon fiber motorcycle backpacks vary greatly, they are still considered to be very useful and stylish. They are also very durable and light weight, so they are definitely very comfortable to carry around. Because they are lightweight, however, they are not very functional if you want to carry a lot of things on your motorcycle.

If you are a casual rider, you might want to consider buying a regular saddle bag instead of a carbon fiber one. Although both of them are fashionable, they do not have the same features as the best hard shell motorcycle backpack.

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Do Your Research

Never go into a store unprepared – plan ahead. Read the labels carefully so you know exactly what kind of gear you should purchase. When shopping online, you can’t read the labels, so make sure to check each item out before purchasing it. Remember to bring a photo of your bike to the shopping mall – display your bike in the proper position.

The best place to shop has a huge selection of products. Browse through the list to find the best products for your needs. Don’t forget to look at the seller’s feedback and verify his reputation. By following these simple shopping tips, you can get the best hard shell motorcycle jackets for your ride. With a variety of shapes, sizes and designs you can find one that will fit your needs.