Cold Weather Motorcycle Jackets

Most people put away their motorcycles during winters for safekeeping, waiting for spring to arrive, so they can jump back on their motorcycle as soon as the riding season is in full swing. However, you don’t need to give up on the rush and thrill of riding just because of lower temperatures.

Best Winter Jackets

You can comfortably ride into the colder months if you wear a cold weather motorcycle jacket to keep yourself cozy and warm. To help you out, we’ve reviewed the best winter jackets. Make sure to go through our picks before you finalize your purchase:

Alpinestars Men’s Andes

Alpinestars Mens Andes

Boasting a reinforced and durable poly-fabric textile shell, the Alpinestars Men’s Andes V2 is designed with the brand’s exclusive Drystar membrane, preventing water from seeping in and allowing the jacket to be breathable at the same time. The jacket has direct ventilation zips that you can easily open to allow air to cool your body if the weather gets too hot, while its 100g thermal liner keeps heat trapped during the winters.

With its removable CE-certified shoulder and elbow protectors, this jacket also provides excellent protection. It’s further designed with pockets for optional back and chest protection. The waterproof cargo pockets situated in the front are large, while the utility pocket situated in the back is even larger and can be used to store the internal liner once summer arrives.

Moreover, the Andes V2 features a two-way main zipper, which means you can zip up the jacket partway from the bottom so that its lower part doesn’t pile up in your lap when you’re sitting down. Its collar is also designed with a convenient little keeper to prevent the Velcro-close collar tab from flopping in the wind.

Lastly, the item has bold colorways and reflective piping to ensure you’re clearly visible on the road. Available in six sizes and five different colorways, this jacket will certainly provide a comfortable fit.


  • The removable thermal liner provides comfort on cold and hot days
  • Pre-contoured sleeves and accordion stretch panels enhance riding performance
  • The waist adjustment belt ensures a close and highly customizable fit


  • Padding in shoulders could be increased
  • Side pockets do not have zippers

KLIM Latitude Jacket

KLIM Latitude Jacket

Designed with the Gore-Tex two-layer shell exterior, the KLIM Latitude jacket will certainly keep you warm and dry. Its goat leather trim on the forearms and elbows will keep you warm in the cold, while its intelligent cargo technology and durable integrated armor system will protect your body in case of a collision.

The jacket also boasts light visibility to boost your safety while riding during the night. It further has a comfortable and relaxed fit, so your movement won’t be restricted in any way when you’re on your motorcycle.

If you’re planning on purchasing this piece of clothing, then make sure you check the size as the sizing can be a bit too small as compared to other similar brands. Keep in mind that you might have to return the jacket before you find the right fit. The jacket is also a bit expensive, so it’s advisable to look for another item if you’re not going to use it regularly.


  • Goat leather trim allows easy movement, increases flexibility, and keeps you warm
  • Highly reflective materials make night riding an extremely safe experience


  • It might have an odd fit, so it’s better to order one size up to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

HWK Motorcycle Jacket For Men

HWK Motorcycle Jacket Men

HWK is a very popular brand when it comes to motorcycle products, so it’s no surprise that their all-weather motorcycle jacket is on our list of best picks. It comes in six different colors and six different sizes that range from small to 4X large. The jacket boasts 600D Cordura fabric along high impact areas to enhance safety, while its cuffs, waist, and arms are all easily adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Its waist connection zipper further allows you to attach the jacket to your riding pants for optimal comfort. It’s also designed with reflective embellishments, so you can ride safely during the night. Moreover, the jacket is fairly well-priced and 100% waterproof, which means you’ll be warm and cozy in the rain as well. Its sizing is accurate and true to what you’d expect, while its removable lining will keep you cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

However, the jacket’s weight is just below four pounds, so it’s a bit thin and not suitable for extremely rough sport riding.


  • The removable lining ensures comfort in every weather
  • Cordura fabric along high impact areas enhances safety
  • Reflective embellishments ensure you’re clearly visible to other drivers


  • It cannot be used for extreme sport riding

BORLENI Motorcycle Jacket

BORLENI Motorcycle Jacket

Following a more traditional motorcycle riding look, the BORLENI armored motorcycle jacket features a removable warm lining. It’s available in three different colors and four different sizes, ranging from medium to 2X large. The jacket is designed with windproof 600D polyester fabric and a cotton liner to keep you warm in the cold. The liner is also removable, making this item perfect for both warm and cold weather.

It further boasts five removable EVA protectors on its shoulders, elbows, and back, while the jacket’s collar, hem, and cuff are all adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. The price of the BORLENI motorcycle jacket is quite competitive and coupled with the fact that it works as both a cold and warm jacket, it’s a great deal.

However, while the jacket is perfect for light rain, it does not perform well in heavy rain.


  • Windproof and abrasion-resistant polyester mesh fabric makes the jacket breathable and comfortable
  • Adjustable collar, hem, and cuff ensure optimal comfort and improve the range of fit
  • Two external pockets can be conveniently used to store small items.
  • Suitable for both warm and cold weather


  • The zipper pull is awkwardly positioned and a bit on the left
  • Cuffs could be designed with longer Velcro

Types of Winter Jackets

There are basically three different kinds of winter jackets:


The V-Twin or cruiser jacket is what every person pictures when they hear the words ‘motorcycle jacket.’ Made with leather, these jackets are incredibly stylish and extremely comfortable. They’re perfect for long rides or just about any time you feel like wearing a jacket, which is why they’re popular across the world with both riders and non-riders.

The most minimalist option, these jackets are slim, tight-fitting, and compact, making them a perfect combination of style and protection. They’re usually made of leather to make sure you’re safe on your motorcycle. However, the jackets are being made with newer materials, which provide the same level of protection as leather while offering better ventilation.

Cruiser jackets are available in several different textiles, styles, and colors, so you’ll certainly find one that perfectly suits your tastes. Lastly, you can wear these jackets off your motorcycle too.


The touring style and adventure jackets are some of the most versatile and functional motorcycle jackets available today. They are suitable for almost every weather condition you can think of, including snow, wind, rain, and heat. Along with their ability to handle all types of weather, these jackets can also adapt to a wide range of terrain variables.

Adventure riders usually need to spend hours on highways just to reach a great dirt road or trail to really start their adventure, making these comfortable jackets the perfect companion. Adventure jackets are also suitable for long journeys and can easily handle off-road hazards, like rocks, dirt, and natural debris that may come in your path.


Sportbike jackets conform to the frame of a rider’s body when they’re in an extremely aggressive forward position. In this specific position, it’s important for the jacket to fit close to your body and offer the range of motion needed for your shoulders and arms at the same time. These fitted jackets are also designed with a shorter back to ensure optimal comfort when you’re riding the bike in a more upright position. Lastly, the most important feature of a sportbike jacket is that it should offer exceptional safety, and abrasion and impact protection.

Features of Cold Weather Jackets

To make sure you purchase the best cold weather jacket, keep an eye out for the following features:

Insulating Layer

Most winter motorcycle jackets are designed with inner thermal liners to keep you warm when you’re riding in cold weather or in the rain. These insulating layers retain heat, prevent wind from infiltrating the jacket, and ensure you don’t get clammy or sweaty. High-quality liners are made of breathable mesh materials so that any body odor can escape through its vents.

It’s also advisable to choose jackets with zippered armpit vents as they’ll give you some adjustable ventilation whenever you need it. It’s important to remember that even high-quality materials won’t work if there are gaps in the gear that allow cold wind to enter your jacket and penetrate your defenses. Thus, it’s better to choose jackets that have adjustable closures at the sleeves, waist, and neck openings as you can cinch them tight to keep out cold air.


Jackets designed with an internal waterproof base layer prevent the outer shell from getting wet. Since the jacket won’t absorb moisture and won’t feel wet, you’ll remain completely dry, too. Plus, this waterproof layer will keep your clothes from becoming cold and heavy.
Some jackets boast removable waterproofing liners, allowing you to clean them when they’re not in use. You can also remove them if you’re riding your motorcycle during summers.

Textile jackets perform better than leather ones when it’s hot and when it’s raining. While some leather jackets are water-resistant, they eventually become affected by moisture. Similarly, perforation can make leather jackets more breathable, but they still cannot be compared to textile jackets, particularly mesh ones.


Make sure the motorcycle jacket you choose can protect you from cold winds and the ever-changing weather. It should be able to protect you from the freezing rains, hot sunny days, and frosty winter days. Jackets with a windproof outer shell will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable at all times, allowing you to focus more on riding and, thus, making you a safer rider.


If your motorcycle doesn’t come with any storage space, then it’s advisable to go for a jacket with internal and external pockets. This way, you can safely store your phone, keys, and other essential items while traveling.

Reflective Strips

One of the major factors in motorcycle riding safety is being clearly visible on the road. Other drivers usually don’t notice motorcycles, which can result in serious accidents. If you frequently travel at night, it’s better to select a jacket with reflective strips for enhanced visibility. These strips reflect car lights against your clothing, so they’re not really necessary if you only ride in the day.


It’s extremely important to get a cold weather motorcycle jacket if you’re planning on riding in winters. Along with protecting your body from the impact of a fall or crash, these jackets ensure you stay comfortable and warm at all times. Make sure to check out all the aforementioned items, and then choose the jacket that best suits your tastes and needs!