How to Attach Motorcycle Tank Bags?

Are you looking for a way for how to attach motorcycle tank bags? Well, there are a number of ways to do so.

Secure the upper tank bag strap to the front of the motorcycle – wrap the strap around the bike’s head tube and pass the buckle end of the strap through the sewn-in loop. Connect the male end of the top and bottom strap into the female end of its release buckles. Wrap the bottom strap under the seat, through the frame, passing the buckle end through the sewn in loop.

Why Have a Motorcycle Tank Bag?

There are actually many reasons why people would want such a carrier. One of the most common reasons is for safety. It will allow you to transport your bike more securely. The other reason is so that you can store all of your gear in it. This will allow you to get to those important parts or areas when they need to be reached quickly.

They will also prevent your motorcycle tank bags from getting dirty. If you use regular bags on your bike, it will get dirty faster and can stain your clothing or leather a great deal. This is something that will happen sooner if you are using motorcycle tank bags.

attach tank bag

Motorcycle Tank Bag Mounting Options

Motorcycle tank bags are available in a variety of different configurations to suit every rider’s personal needs.

Motorcycle tank bag mounting options are endless, so have fun shopping around!

Here we check out: magnetic tank bags, strap on tank bags and clamp-on tank ring bags.

Magnetic Tank Bags

Another great way to expand the storage capacity of your tank bag is to buy one that has a magnetic base. These types of motorcycle tank bags are typically made out of strong, waterproof materials, and they feature the same strong magnetic closures that will keep everything closed tight when you’re using it.

They are useful, but you have to have a metal tank to stick the bag on it, it is somewhat easy to steal them, and magnetic tank bags may scratch the tank if not removed correctly.

Magnetic Tank Bags

Strap On Tank Bags

Another way is to go with motorcycle tank bags that go over your bike with straps. These are nice because they keep everything held tight but do not stretch as much. They can become a little uncomfortable in hot weather and they are not always the most comfortable when riding. They are good when you want to keep your gear close at hand though, especially in a pick-up or during long hauls.

There are many motorcycle tank bags that you can buy to protect your motorcycle from the elements. If you want to be able to maximize storage space on your bike, then one of these motorcycle tank bags may be just what you need. You can buy them with various different types of storage and protection features, but you can also buy a motorcycle tank bag with a strap-mount that will give you additional storage space while still allowing you to access your bike’s fuel system.

Strap On the Tank Bag

Clamp-on Tank Ring Bags

One of the best ways to add storage to your tank bag is to use it with a clamp-on tank ring. You simply hang the motorcycle tank bag over the gas tank and use the clamps to secure the tank bag to the frame.

This will provide a great amount of storage for all of your equipment and gear, and will keep everything secure while you’re riding.

Clamp-on Tank Ring

Under the Seat Motorcycle Tank Bags

You can also look at putting motorcycle tank bags under your seat. This might not be the best idea because it is not very secure. If the bags were made for motorcycle tanks, they would be thick and would probably break if something was to happen. Even so, some people like these because they give you a little more convenience. When you are sitting in the saddle you are much more secure in a crash. If it was a smaller bike, this would work well but on a larger bike it could become a safety hazard.

Closing Thoughts

You can find out what kinds of bags are available and how to make them work for you. When you have your motorcycle tank bags, it is really going to add a little bit of security to you when you are out riding. You can be much more secure if you know what kind of items you should have with you. This way you will not have to worry about everything falling out of your pockets.