Riding Motorcycle in Snowy Conditions

It’s quite possible to ride your motorcycle in snow. Before doing it, we would recommend it to pay attention to a number of things, however. Then there are no road conditions that will prevent you from riding in the snow.

Is it Possible to Ride Motorcycle in Snow?

Yes. In advance to winter motorcycling, it is useful to service the motorbike before riding in the snow, and have winter tires on your bike for your safety. It is practical to consult with professionals to know how to ride in winter conditions, and having winter motorcycle gear, for example winter goggles and gloves to increase your comfort and attention.

Service Your Motorbike before Riding in the Snow

If you have your motorbike serviced right before you take it out on the highway, there will be nothing to stop you from riding it. Of course, you have to make sure that your motorbike is properly serviced before you leave the garage, but for the most part, you can go riding in the snow without any problems.


Winter Tires

Another important thing to pay attention to when you ride a motorcycle in snow, is the kind of motorbike you have. Snow tires and other kinds of special tires designed for wet conditions can help reduce the amount of traction that your tires experience in snow.

Of course, not all kinds of motorbikes are built with snow tires in mind – some are built for regular use in wet weather. Still, most motorcycle shops keep a variety of these tires for sale so that people can buy them according to their specific needs. If you own a motorcycle that was designed to travel in wet weather, you might even want to consider trying to ride it in the snow to see how it feels.

Learn from the Professionals

The first thing that you need to do before you think about riding it in the snow is to consult a professional. You aren’t likely to get the answers that you want from a beginner, so you will want to consult someone who is more experienced.

Ask questions about the safety issues that you should be aware of – how the road surface will react to the bumps in the road, what you can expect from the road itself, and what you should wear for winter riding. If you have any doubts, find another time to try your bike out. You don’t want to end up doing something that puts your safety at risk – so it’s better to take the time to prepare properly than to make an untrained assumption and ride while you’re not ready.

Winter Motorcycle Gear

Riding in snow requires special motorcycle gear. For instance, you will likely want to invest in some extra layers of clothing, because the roads in the snow may become slippery. You also should wear a helmet that fits snugly, because the helmet helps protect your head in case of a collision. In addition to helmets, you should have some type of balaclava on. A balaclava can be worn around the neck to avoid losing heat.

Winter Goggles and Gloves

Of course, you’ll want to bring along your trusty motorcycle gloves in case you are planning on riding anywhere that has a lot of snow. When you go out for a ride in the snow, you should always wear goggles that are face shield – not just for looks, but to protect your eyes from the glare.

Winter Goggles

The goggles should be at least three times as thick as your hair, and they should be black or dark grey in color to filter out as much light as possible from your eyes. In addition to using face shield, you should also use snow tires and a rear brake to make sure you can stop immediately if you must.

Closing Thoughts

It may seem like it’s impossible to ride a motorcycle in snow, but it can be done if you follow the right steps. Just make sure to prepare correctly before you take off. Try to ride slow and relax, especially if you know you have never gone out on a motorcycle before.

You don’t need to worry about whether or not you can handle the extra speed needed to go out in the snow; there’s no need for you to go faster than you can comfortably handle. If you’re unsure about how to ride a motorcycle in snow, talk to someone who’s been there before!