Motorcycle Tank Bag Vs Tail Bag

Motorcycle tank bags or tail bags have a long tradition in the world of motorcycling. In the beginning, motorcycle tank bags were nothing more than simple bags that had been designed to carry motorcycle oil. This type of bag was fairly effective but the need for other features soon made its way into the minds of motorcycle owners everywhere.

A tank bag is relatively smaller then a tail bag, but with a tail bag it is difficult to carry a passenger. It is easier to reach a tank bag during a ride, like water, sunglasses, etc. for quick reach. Magnetic tank bags are not popular because they can scratch the motorcycle surface, however.

Evolution of Motorcycle Bags

As time went on, the tank bag became a place to store other items as well as including fuel and other accessories. In some cases the tank bags became a necessity to ensure the safe travel of touring motorcycles as they provided protection from road salt, pollution and the elements.

As more motorcycle touring was done, these types of bags became necessities for the traveling motorcycle enthusiast. There was a definite need for a good motorcycle tank bag, so all of the touring accessories could be stored safely when the motorcycle was not in use.

Motorcycle Tank Bag
Motorcycle Tank Bag

Bag Designs

The design that can be found in most modern motorcycle bags has evolved significantly over the years. The tank bags of today offer many conveniences that the original tank bags did not have.

These include side straps for carrying the bag in different positions, zippers on all four corners of the bag, and plenty of storage space inside. All of these features have helped to make the bag a favorite with motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Practicality and Bag Features

When shopping for a motorcycle tank bag it is important to determine what features are important to you. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling with your motorcycle bag, then you will definitely want to pay attention to the size and weight of the bag.

A motorcycle tank bag with a removable liner is ideal for people who rarely do any tail bag activity. These bags come with a long belt that can be attached to the back of the bag. The belt offers secure storage and a way to secure the bag to the back of the bike.

Motorcycle tail Bag
Motorcycle Tail Bag


When looking at the advantages of a motorcycle tank bag vs a tail bag, you will realize that there are many different styles, colors, and designs available. No matter which style or design you choose, you will find that these bags offer plenty of storage space. The added convenience of having storage available at the same time also adds to the enjoyment when using these bags. These bags have become very popular with motorcycle riders all across the country.