Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves, albeit ignored while arranging winter attire, are one of the most important clothing items to keep you warm. While your body works on keeping your vital internal organs warm in low temperatures, the hands become intensely cold and interfere with daily life activities, such as riding a motorcycle. Gloves prove to be a necessity in such cases; however, you need to be well informed to make a smart decision regarding your purchase.

Best Winter Gloves

Gloves should be not only insulating but water-resistant and wind-resistant as well. They also become redundant if they make activities harder due to difficulty in hand movement. Keeping all the necessary traits of a good pair of gloves in mind, we have compiled the best gloves in the market for you to choose from.

Indie Ridge

indie ridge gloves

The Indie Ridge gloves come in six sizes in black color. They are manufactured to support left-handed and right-handed people equally. These gloves have fingers on the thumb, index, and middle fingers to assist you in using your touch screen. They are made to be flexible over the shape of your hand to fit perfectly.

Moreover, the gloves are made of leather to guarantee their durability and breathability and have good-quality rubber knuckle protection to ensure safety. The interesting fact is that Indie Ridge is suitable for winters as well as summers. The gloves are water-repellant to support you when it’s raining, snowing, windy, or just plain humid.

The Indie Ridge gloves have received glowing reviews in all aspects. They are manufactured using top-notch material and are great weather-wise. They are also comfortable, so you don’t have the urge to take them off as soon as you get off your ride. Criticism received by these gloves is targeted at the sizing. Most people have had their hands break into the gloves while some could not. However, the product’s customer service is reliable and has catered to all complaints. All in all, the gloves are good value for the price paid!

IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Gloves


The IRON JIA motorcycle gloves are designed to be protective, warm, windproof, and waterproof. The hard shell on the outside will make sure to keep your hands secure in case of an accident. Meanwhile, the cotton lining on the inside provides the utmost warmth and comfort. Plus, there is a built-in waterproof and windproof layer.

The adjustable wrist strap in the gloves will make sure they fit you well. Manufacturers have also included a reflective strip design to improve your visibility at nighttime and decrease the chances of crashes.

Reviewers report the IRON JIA gloves to be an excellent purchase. The gloves are sturdy but not bulky and extremely warm. The additional protective measures by the manufacturer are not done in vain and prove to be helpful. Moreover, the manufacturer stands by their product and ensures customers are satisfied in case of complaints. On the whole, the IRON JIA gloves, with their excellent features at a moderate price, are an easy contender in the race of motorcycle gloves!

Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves

Joe Rocket Windchill Gloves

The Joe Rocket gloves come in five sizes in black color. They are ambidextrous with a hook and loop closure. The gloves have flexible dyed cowhide leather on the outside, a waterproof and windproof midliner beneath it, 100 gram Thinsulate material, and lastly, high-density knuckle armor. The material used ensures minimum restriction in hand movement, protection in case of accidents, and warmth against harsh weather conditions.

The gloves are made to be especially ride-friendly as the manufacturers used full-flex expansion panels on the fingers and vibration-dissipating gel palm. Thanks to these features, you can ride your bike with ease through flexible hand movement, and they keep you comfortable during bumpy rides.

The Joe Rocket gloves are pricier than the last two products but also worthy. Reviewers describe them to be of great quality, sturdy and long-lasting. The sizing issues are all sorted once you break into your gloves. Plus, they are extremely warm, and they keep your hands dry and comfortable. So, if you plan on splurging on a pair of gloves, make sure you check out the Joe Rocket Windchill.

BLOK-IT Leather Motorcycle Gloves

BLOK IT Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The BLOK-IT gloves come in five sizes in black color. They are made of high-quality soft leather on the outside to make them enduring as well as flexible on the hand. The gloves have 3M Thinsulate material on the inside which provides warmth and comfort. The lining is of especially soft material to make long rides easy on you.

The gloves have an adjustable strap on the wrist to provide the best fit. The material is double stitched to make the glove more compact, and the manufacturer claims that the gloves are waterproof and windproof.

Reviewers are content with the purchase of their BLOK-IT gloves. The gloves are long-lasting and warm. They are also extremely comfortable and convenient for long rides. However, they might not be waterproof as advertised. Still, the BLOK-IT gloves are a steal due to the low pricing in case you don’t want to pay a hefty price for a pair of gloves.

kemimoto Motorcycle Winter Gloves

kemimoto Motorcycle Winter Gloves
The kemimoto gloves come in three standard Asian sizes (medium, x-large, xx-large) also in black. The gloves have hard armor on the outside to protect the hand in case of accidents. On the inside, they have Thinsulate material to provide the utmost warmth. The lining of the gloves is done with velvet to make them comfortable and soft on the hand.

Manufacturers used a TPU membrane to ensure the water-resistance of the gloves. The cuffs are additionally 4 inches longer to keep the wind out of the arms as well. The gloves have a conductive thumb, index, and middle finger, which means you can use your touch screen with ease while wearing them. Plus, they are made of abrasion-resistant material to provide you a better grip on objects while wearing them.

Reviewers report that the gloves are made of good quality and fit quite well. They are water-resistant as well as wind-resistant. However, the kemimoto gloves are not suitable for extremely cold temperatures. But overall, they promise good value for the money.

INBIKE Winter Motorcycle Gloves

INBIKE Winter Motorcycle Gloves

The INBIKE winter gloves come in five sizes in black color. There is a hard shell on the outside to protect the knuckles as well as the whole hand from injuries. They are made of leather with Thinsulate material on the backside of the palm as well as the front to ensure sturdiness and warmth. This material also dampens vibration when you encounter bumps during the ride.

The Hipora membrane used as an inner makes the glove waterproof and breathable. The gloves are elastic to provide flexibility in movement, and the hook and loop closure means you can fasten the glove around your shirt’s sleeve and shield your arm against harsh winds. The manufacturer included the unique feature of a snow scraper on the thumb that will allow you to clean snow and rain off of mirrors.

Reviewers are in awe of the INBIKE gloves. The gloves keep you very warm and are extremely comfortable, aiding in long rides. The material provides you flexible hand movement, and the issues with sizing can be sorted out once you break into the gloves. All in all, the INBIKE gloves do not come at a low price, but they prove to be worth the money.

Features of Cold Weather Gloves

Cold weather gloves should not only protect you against chilly weather, but they should also provide a lot more benefits to be termed as convenient. To assess your requirements from weather gloves, you need to be well-aware of their features. The necessary attributes that should be ticked by any cold weather gloves are:


Cold weather gloves are not only for low temperatures; they are also to guarantee safety in harsh weather conditions depending upon where you live. You do not want your hands to be wet when it’s snowing or raining and have them compromise your riding and, in turn, your safety. Usually, the hard shell on the outside of the gloves can let moisture in, so gloves should have a layer of waterproof material beneath them to make sure water does not reach the hand. Hence, it is a must for cold weather gloves to be water-resistant.


Wearing gloves for a longer period makes you warm and accumulates sweat on the hands. If you have naturally sweaty hands, this problem will be even more persistent for you. Cold weather gloves have to be thick and sturdy to act against the cold, but at the same time, they should not hold in-hand moisture. They should keep your hands dry to reduce moment restrictions and discomfort. The material used should quickly move the moisture to the outer layer and dry it.

Good Range of Motion

Lastly, are cold winter gloves specifically made for motorcycle riding of any use if they do not allow you to move your hands freely? Not at all. The thick material used against the cold and the hard shell for protection should not be traded off for your range of motion. The material should be flexible enough for you to comfortably perform all the necessary actions while riding.


Winter gloves are made using different kinds of materials that provide different attributes to the gloves. Some popular material used and the benefits acquired from them are discussed below. This will help you in further deciding what you should and should not look out for in your purchase.


You should opt for gloves made using Polypropylene material as it aids in moisture-wicking. Polypropylene is also flexible around the fingers, which reduces hand motion restrictions and provides you comfort.


Thinsulate works as an insulating layer. It is the thinnest fabric available, providing more warmth than a lot of other thicker insulating material. Not only that, but it also keeps moisture out. Thinsulate used in gloves makes them lightweight, warm, and moisture-wicking.


Thermolite is also an insulating material but without all the bulkiness associated with warm items. It is durable, breathable, and water-resistant. It also does not shrink on consistent usage.


You might not find gloves necessary in everyday life, even in winters. However, if your form of transportation is a motorcycle and you reside in a place with low temperatures or severe cases of rainfall, snowfall, wind, or humidity, investing in a pair of quality gloves would be a wise decision. We have discussed top-quality gloves at low, high, and moderate prices for you to choose from and will prove to be advantageous for you!